Open the door to life

My day job is an Executive Coach and I work with individuals to break through barriers and make positive changes in their life.  Recently I have coached a few people who are doing just that, they are now ready and willing to face the stormy waters to eventually get to the calm sea ahead.  The weather may be changeable and challenging at times but by riding the huge waves, it makes us stronger from within.  Real change happens from the ‘inside out’, start there first.  This indeed inspired this next poem.         

Open the Door to Life

What’s stopping you, from dancing in the rain?

What’s keeping you, from moving away from the pain?

The clouds will move on, the sunshine will appear;

Uplifting your spirits and filling you with cheer.

Just take a moment, to treasure all you’ve got;

I bet when you really think about it, you have such alot.

Open the door to life, let the fresh air in;

Don’t let the bumps on the road, keep you from a win.

For there comes a time, when enough is enough;

Lift your head high and challenge the rough.

Soon you’ll be amazed, what you can achieve;

Smile with an open heart and really do believe.

poemsbyclarabelle, 28 April 2012

The Poemcast for the above poem can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

PBC Poemcast 10 – Open the Door to Life

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2 thoughts on “Open the door to life

  1. feel ya, although sometimes the “plagues” that one encounters can be many, multi-faceted and the cause of some very nasty and harsh people, who for many reasons, are blocking you from advancement. Sometimes it can be a personal vendetta by those in authority. And what if you have the proof (i.e. via private investigator), but nobody will believe you? What if you are sitting on a mess which if unravelled, as a result of a biased media, you may end up the loser? Its never as simple as that, and there are many factors (where you were bron, what type of person, religious, etc) and


    1. Thank you for your comments and for dropping by my blog today I really do appreciate it. Life teaches us many lessons, working from the ‘inside out’, I believe, will always move you forward, even though it may not seem like that at the time. Much love to you Clarabelle


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