Faith Showed the Way

Faith for me is knowing that the unknown is going to be okay.  It is knowing that what you believed as a child would come true for you, will come true for you.  Never giving up on a childlike faith, is such a beautiful thing.  It is such a deep knowing and offers the deepest connection to your soul.  I have managed to recapture that childlike faith and it brings much love and peace to my heart.  May your heart be filled with patience and understanding that all is going to be okay for you.  Much love to you Clarabelle.

faith showed the way
Faith Showed the Way

Faith Showed the Way

The clock strikes midnight, I write alone;

A candle softly burns, glowing in my home.

Sweet whispers of the soul, speak to me;

Dreams of pastures new, big city lights I see,

Romance is in the air, it has captured my heart;

Magic awaits us, soon we’ll never be apart.

As I enter the unknown, it’s a scary thought;

But excitement carries me, under the sun so hot.

I always believed, I always knew;

Faith showed the way, now my vision is true.

poemsbyclarabelle, 5 January 2013

12 thoughts on “Faith Showed the Way

  1. Wow I see that you have 4 books published? that’s great!

    This is my poem called Faith:

    Faith is the substance. Faith is the stuff.
    When your strength is gone and you’ve had enough.
    Faith is the matter of which all is made,
    and the glue that will cause you to stay.
    When your strength is gone and your body is worn,
    your tools are broken and stolen – There’s Faith alone.
    When the mountains are high and the water so deep,
    when you have nothing but a heart that says I believe;

    Faith —
    Not an image, or emotion, not a thought,
    even of heaven, not a devotion,
    not a swirl of spinning, spiraling hopes and dreams,
    not a wishful thought or scheme;
    But to just be still and know — To trust all to Him.
    I know who I believe and I am faithful
    that He will keep what I have given to Him against that Day.

    Faith —
    I didn’t choose to come here, I mean to be born,
    My life is not ‘my’ idea. Of what was I formed?
    No doubt I am here though, these words do attest;
    It’s not about me and in Faith do I find rest.
    That He who has begun a good work in me
    will complete it until the day of Christ.

    Faith —
    Seeing what is not visible, what is, but is not known.
    Standing in the truth of God, even though you are alone.
    Go out of your Country! Leave your stuff and family behind.
    I am sending you to a new land, an inheritance in ‘Me’ you will find.



    1. Wow, Hubert, wonderful, you are a very talented poet…..and this last sentence is so significant to me, it is at the forefront of my mind, to leave Scotland behind and head to pastures news…I have faith this will happen. Thank you for sharing this. Bella Belle 🙂


      1. Where will you go Belle ? lol I am a terrible life coach on moving, I still live in my home town but I know sometimes it must be and moving is a good soul cleanser; did I just say that? Yes I did.. I will pray that God will direct your heart on where to move, and that you will be in his hands throughout your life. Honestly I have been praying for you for a while now already. He puts people on our hearts and we just have to pray for them.


      2. Wow, thank you Hubert, what you have just shared with me is so very touching indeed, very beautifully said too, thank you, I welcome your prayers they are very special to me. Belle 🙂


      3. You are very welcome Bella Belle

        Where are you in the photo on your blog site wall? far left middle? or second row from the bottom, second child from the right?


      4. I will go wherever my heart takes me Hubert, I shall let my heart be my inner guidance and show me the way. I am so very grateful for your prayers, thank you so much, I feel them. Belle


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