A Miracle is in the Air

Not long till spring time, yet I wake up this morning to a pretty blanket of white snow (see photo below, taken this morning, of the trees in my garden).  As winter takes its last breath and holds on, I decide to write some poetry.  I feel a light inner calmness in me as I look outside, the perfect mode for the heart and soul to sing.  A miracle is in the air, I can feel it and it’s making its way to you today.  Much love to you Clarabelle.  

Clarabelle's Garden 11.03.13
Clarabelle’s Garden 11.03.13

A Miracle is in the Air

It’s the middle of March, it silently falls,

Snowy roof tops, icy halls.

Angels whisper,  a miracle is in the air,

Lovingly white snowflakes, caress my hair.

It’s nearly spring, yet winter holds on,

White candy floss, now covers my lawn.

It looks very pretty, fresh and clear,

Winter’s last calling, at this time of year.

I stare at its beauty, it brings calmness in me,

The brightest white, on my conifer tree

A picture perfect, is in front of my eyes

Mixed seasons, can be wonderous, a magical surprise.

poemsbyclarabelle, 11 March 2013

6 thoughts on “A Miracle is in the Air

    1. Hi Avrial, thanks for your comments. 🙂 I haven’t put my Tees as a priority at the moment Aviral, but I will be very soon, hope to have a deep look at it all next week sometime…..will keep you posted, thank you for the interest and inspiration. Wishing you a beautiful Monday. Clarabelle


  1. As a Yankee child my folks referred to this last snow as the onion snow.
    The Saturday after the melt was time to plant the onion sets.
    No snowflake ever fell in the wrong place.
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

    Beautiful poem…


    1. Thank you so much for sharing that, it made me smile……lots and lots. “No snowflake ever fell in the wrong place”….I love that, I connect to it, it is very beautiful. Thank you so much. Clarabelle


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