Angels Come Disguised in Many Situations

I Discovered My Purse Had Been Stolen

I want to share something with you today, as I reflect upon the events of my weekend. Everything was going swimmingly well until I discovered my purse had been stolen.  I was meeting a friend for coffee in a Hotel in Glasgow, paid for my coffee and by the time I was leaving the hotel, the purse was gone.  I wasn’t really bothered about the money in the purse, it was only loose change anyway, however I was more sad about losing the sentimental things that were in it, such as little prayers, a poem from my sister which I had for 13 years, photographs of my niece and nephew, photograph of my dad which I have held close to me since 1997, a little medal that my best friend gave to me in 2007 to keep me safe when I was running my first marathon in New York City and lots of beautiful things like that.  Also the purse which was a special gift given to me by another very close friend. I must admit I was feeling very sad and I allowed it to affect the rest of my day.  I also felt a little downhearted that the purse didn’t show up, I really thought that if found in the hotel, someone would have handed it in… such luck, I’m afraid.  I must admit my faith in humanity did sink a little, I guess because that is where my focus was at that time.  

A Different Frame of Mind

However, today, I am of a very different frame of mind, after reporting the purse missing to the Police and to the Hotel, I was told of many stories were items of real financial value had been handed in, such as rolls of money containing thousands of pounds, iPads, mobile phones, bags, suitcases, bags of money etc….I smiled, my faith was restored because I had replaced my one bad experience with many wonderful stories where people have been honest and returned the items they found.  

The Real Truth

I will never again doubt the honesty and integrity of humanity, because I know there is much more goodness in the world than not….we just don’t always hear about it and therefore don’t include it in our frame of reference.  When we look at the world only through our own lens, we are in danger of excluding the real truth….that is, what could be and what is possible for each and every one of us.  I take full responsibility for what happened to me on Saturday afternoon and it has taught me many lessons which I am very grateful for.  

A Very Special Thank You

I would like to also offer a very special thank you to the staff members at the multi-story car park in Concert Square, Glasgow City Centre, they were so supportive when I told them I didn’t have my parking ticket (which was in my purse) and had no money to pay for the parking, they were very understanding and let me leave the car park for free.  


I think Angels come disguised in many situations and it is not until after the event that we realised they touched our heart and soul.  May you open your eyes to the goodness that is in the world today, look out for the success stories of kindness, love and encouragement and let them uplift your spirits today.  Much love to you today, as always, Clarabelle         

13 thoughts on “Angels Come Disguised in Many Situations

  1. One day when I was in the depths of despair, I thought I may as well feed myself and went down the street to buy ingredients for a soup. With my mind total mush where my brain used to be, I had forgotten my wallet. There I was fumbling around in the bottom of my bag trying to find a few coins to pay for the vegetables when a total stranger smiled at me, dropped some money on the counter, and walked out before I could protest. That day, when I thought I had lost hope, I found kindness. It was remarkable how lifting that action was to my spirits..
    Thanks for sharing your story today. You are right. Angels come disguised as strangers in a supermarket. 🙂


  2. Hi Clarabelle. Sorry to hear that. I had a similar experience last week. One evening while I was out teaching karate, someone came into my condo unit (unfortunately, I left the door unlocked) and stole a substantial amount of cash and gift cards. Despite my initial anger and heartbreak, I felt grateful that my wallet, computer and other valuables (all quite visible) weren’t taken. You just never know!


    1. Hi Fred, oh my goodness I am really really sorry to hear that….your strength of character and positive attitude of gratitude is really wonderful to hear, especially with this situation. Thank you for sharing that with me. Clarabelle


      1. Simply put, it means that if we’ve done something unkind (even if it happened in another lifetime), something unkind is going to happen to us … unless we apologize or do a good deed!


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