Clarabelle Bespoke Poetry

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Over the years, I get asked a lot of the time to create bespoke poems for colleagues, friends and family and I am now offering this up as a service to others who wish to benefit from it.  I have been working on my own flyer design and I thought I would share it with you today.

I believe that poetry touches the heart in a much more deeper and fulfilling way than a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates could, it is that special gift that lives in the heart of the receiver forever.

I have a simple vision, I want everyone to have a poem, verse or song from Clarabelle because I know it will always come straight from the heart to reach and connect with other hearts.  Much love to you today, as always Clarabelle.

Clarabelle Bespoke Poetry

16 thoughts on “Clarabelle Bespoke Poetry

  1. What an awesome concept. Wishing you much success. So many would love to write beautiful things but don’t have the creative ability. So great that you can share your words with those who seek expression.


    1. Thank you Barbara that is really lovely of you to say. Yes I do fully agree, I have been getting asked to do bespoke poems for people for years and only recently an ex boss of mine asked me to do one for them for a Corporate Masterclass Event she was presenting at. I was so chuffed to do this and get paid for it too. The main thing is she really loved the poem for the beginning of her workshop and I was so very delighted. Thanks again Barbara I was over visiting your blog just now, delighted to be following it too. Clarabelle


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