Face Without A Smile

sunset lake

Beautiful Smile

Sometimes we have days when we don’t feel like smiling, sometimes that’s just the way we feel and sometimes there is a person out there who just wants to hold our hand, give us love and help that smile to return.  The poem below is just about that.  May you put a beautiful smile on someone’s face today, maybe just maybe they need it.  Lots of love, Clarabelle.

Face Without A Smile

I see your face, without a smile
Saddened eyes, tears for a while
I feel your hurt, I feel your pain
I know your heart, is hurt again
I want to help, I want you to know
I will share my smile, until you glow
I will give my soul, and all its strength
To see you grow, beyond arms length
To see the sparkle, in your eyes
To watch you glisten, with surprise
I will give you my love, and affection too
To show you I care, I really do
Remember me, when times are tough
I am always here, throughout the rough
Lean on me, for I am strong
My shoulder is waiting, where you belong
Today I give, what I have been given
Your inner strength, it’s in me living
For once I felt, just like you
And you were there, tying my shoe
You gave me hope, to carry on
You helped me through, your spirit shone
We have faced troubles,at different times
But what’s mine is yours, and yours is mine
Together we will fight, together we will win
In the darkness, our lights shine brighter from within

By Clarabelle, 17 September 2013

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