An Awakened Heart

Awakened Heart

Excitement and Enthusiasm

Another sleepless night, that’s a few in a row now…….my heart is a heart filled with excitement and enthusiasm for life and it whispers to me that it needs no rest right now. So I open the page and write to you in poetic verse, because this is what I LOVE to do. Stay beautiful my friend, because you are.  Clarabelle 🙂

An Awakened Heart

I just couldn’t sleep,
in bed last night.
I tossed and turned,
but there was nothing to fright.

I wasn’t worried,
about this or that.
I wasn’t scared,
of my inner chat.

This time it was different,
I’m happy to share.
My awakened self was excited,
I do declare.

So grateful for life,
and the abundance here.
Grateful for my health,
and positive cheer.

Jumping for joy,
about all of my dreams.
Turning to reality,
so quickly it seems.

For it comes with ease,
and I feel no pain.
My heart and soul,
is full of faith again.

The spirit never dies,
when all doors seem locked.
Love never leaves,
what the mind had blocked.

An awakened heart,
needs no rest to recover.
It beats life into you,
this you will discover

By Clarabelle, 9 October 2013

Clarabelle Blog Values and their Meaning:

Love-Life Dream-Do Values Meaning

Give-Gratitude Health-Happiness Value Meaning

8 thoughts on “An Awakened Heart

  1. Dreaming something when we are awake gives me enough pleasure to forget about my troubles. You’ve talked about jumping when a dream comming true. Its so natural. Sometimes i’ve tears in my eyes when something happens and my soul becomes happy and touched.
    Clarabelle all your poems are very joy giving.


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