Beyond your dreams……

Dream Achievement

Imagine what’s beyond your dreams, I mean once you have achieved them, visualise that right now, think yourself into that zone of dream achievement, isn’t it such a wonderful happy place?

I love this quote below by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” –  it says it all to me really.  My sister brought me this little bag back from her travels in America this year, she said when she seen it, she thought of me instantly, she said “I just had to get it for you”.  It is a real pleasure to share that with you today.  Love Clarabelle

walt disney

11 thoughts on “Beyond your dreams……

  1. What a wonderful Sister you have Clarabelle to want to encourage you to dream and yes if our focus is right our dreams can come True, because God put them in our heart. I talk about them with Him and ask Him to help me and equip me to achieve them.

    Right now my dream is to reach out to the Elderly again and bring them Hope and comfort, I go for my interview tomorrow , I already have my Police pass, in Sydney we didn’t need them when we volunteered but in Queensland we do, anyway it is one of my dreams that looks very much like it is being fulfilled… How good is that!

    Christian Love from us both – Anne


    1. Thank you so much Anne, I love my Sister. 🙂 Wonderful news about your interview tomorrow, I am sure you will pass it with flying colours and turn your dream job into a reality, that is truly wonderful news indeed. All the best for your interview tomorrow, I know you will do just great.


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