Music: I Am The Greatest

Original Song:  “I Am The Greatest”

It is with great pleasure that I share the following sample music track with you.  This is another one of my original songs, called “I Am The Greatest” and the piano backing track has been arranged and is played by the super talented Gary Stitt from Canada, Gary is also singing the vocals in this sample song track.


The song is very motivational and is about making positive changes in your life, going for your dreams and goals in life and truly believing in your greatest potential –  I have also included the lyrics below for you.

Please let me know what you think of the music track, I will be heading to the recording studio soon to put my own vocals on it.

Thank you as always for your continued support and encouragement.  Clarabelle

Please click on this SoundCloud link to listen:  I Am The Greatest by Clarabelle (Sample) Gary Stitt on Vocals

Lyrics for I Am The Greatest by Clarabelle

Verse 1

You’ve gotta put the hard work in
And let your mind know
In order to catch the falling star
You’ve gotta move and go
Time it will not wait for you
Life moves very fast
So step it up, get going
Live it up, get showing
Say  I Am


I am the greatest
I’ve changed my ways
I’ve reached the rainbow
Happy sunny days
For I am the greatest
So watch me fly
I am the greatest
This is why

Verse 2

Times are tough I know sometimes
Keep going until the end
To reach the top you have to go
Be real do not pretend
You can be the champion
You can have it all
So live it up, get moving
Play the game, get grooving
Say  I Am


I feel my heart
I feel my soul
In changing moments
This I know


I am the greatest
I’ve changed my ways
I’ve reached the rainbow
Happy sunny days
For I am the greatest
So watch me fly
I am the greatest
This is why
This is why
I will fly

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8 thoughts on “Music: I Am The Greatest

  1. Of course as you know Clarabelle, in reality we are not the greatest, God is and without Him we are nothing and even what we achieve in the flesh does not have eternal value but yes I agree with you in Him, we are His priceless Treasure and our value is beyond earthly reckoning and what we achieve in His empowering will last for Eternity, it is stored up for us and will not perish.

    So good dear Clarabelle that you have changed your ways, meaning you have come to heart repentance and that now seek to put God first in all things, not because you have to but because you Love Him so much and want to , who wants to hurt those they Love, and SIN HURTS!.

    Take care – Christian Love from both of us – Anne


    1. Hi Anne, thank you for sharing tha and thank you for listening to the song which has personal meaning to me, like all my songs. Thank you for sharing all that you share and for your continuous words of encouragement. Will be thinking about you tomorrow, the interview will be a breeze for you. Lots of love, Clarabelle


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