Christmas Poetry: I Miss You Forever


 Christmas Tree

Christmas Poem

Every day between now and Christmas I am going to share a Christmas Poem with you. The one below speaks from my heart this Christmas time.

Loved Ones

Christmas is a beautiful time to spend with your family and close friends and this is often a time when you also think about your loved ones who can’t be with you right now and I know you can relate to that, just like me.

This next Christmas poem is all about that and this one is dedicated to my Wonderful Dad in heaven, “I Miss You Forever”.

I Miss You Forever

I miss you forever,
forever and a day.
But it seems to get harder,
when Christmas comes our way.

I think of your smile,
I think of your love.
When Christmas is with us,
And you are above.

Kindness is in the air,
All I want to give to you.
Is the biggest ever hug,
This is what I’d do.

If only Santa Claus,
Could make my dreams come true.
We’d be putting up the tree,
Instead, I’m feeling blue.

But Christmas is upon us,
and you are in my heart.
Shining like a beacon,
Flowing through every part.

I miss you forever,
and on this Christmas Day.
I love you more than you’ll ever know.
And in my heart for you I pray.

Created by Clarabelle, 1 December 2013

7 thoughts on “Christmas Poetry: I Miss You Forever

  1. Reblogged this on Clarabelle and commented:

    This was a popular Christmas poem I shared with you on this blog last year, is called “I Miss You Forever”, I love the meaning behind this one. If you are missing someone deeply this Christmas time, I am with you, you are in my thoughts. Love Clarabelle


  2. Hi Clarabelle, I understand that you would be missing your Dad, especially at Christmas even knowing our loved ones are in Heaven and we will be with them again, we still miss their presence, your poem had great feeling in it.

    Having recently lost my Mum, I feel a bit lost, I live in Queensland, so I never shared Christmas with my Mum every year, she lived in N.S.W but we use to talk on the Phone and share about our Christmas and all the things that went with it for her, like friends visiting, presents, food etc. I use to make Christmas goodies and send them to Mum to share with the family and those who visited her over Christmas and I made special cards for her too which she always kept. I’m missing my Mum too.

    Christmas Love from both of us -Anne

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    1. Hi Anne, thank you for your message which I have just come across, sincere apologies for the delay in responding. I am so sorry to hear that you have recently lost your Mum Anne, that is so sad however I am sure she will most definitely be with you in spirit this Christmas and every Christmas. Christmas Love to you and your loved ones. Clarabelle


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