The Ladder of Life

Think of achieving your goals in life as, climbing up a ladder. I am applying this visual strategy to my own life right now and I am really loving the challenge of it. So I started at the very bottom of the ladder with nothing but a quantifiable dream of the end goal in mind. My ladder has about 13 steps, and each step signifies quantifiable progression, that I can measure. I am currently on the 3rd step and working on the 4th step plans. I love doing it this way, it seems much more fun and in some way much easier for me.

Maybe you will want to apply this strategy to achieving your own goals in life, because as soon as you climb up that first step, it’s amazing how this motivates your mind to “keep going” and “keep on achieving”.

I feel good about my ladder and I am on a wonderful mission to get to the top and you know what, I know I will.

Why don’t you, start your new ladder of life today.

Keep on going, love Clarabelle


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