A Healing Passion

As I approach a whopping 30,000 views on this Clarabelle Blog I often think back to the day I started it, what was my motivation for starting it?

For me it all started from a great passion inside of me, I am going to call it my “healing passion” and that is creative writing in many forms, but mainly to begin with it was poetry, purposeful, meaningful and passionate poetry from my heart and soul.

I love writing creatively, it frees my soul and makes me feel at one with myself. It makes me feel calm inside and at peace. To get this “peace”, I have to share a “piece”of my soul…..and I want to, it’s a MUST for me.

I love writing for you, I just love it and I do hope it helps you in some way, shape or form.

So a GIGANTIC thank you to YOU for being here, for taking the time to read the whispers of my soul, the inner wisdom that I feel doesn’t really come from books, I guess it’s just me.

So from a “just me” this thank you is for you, “just for you”.

30,000 special thank you’s.

I am committed to keeping going, I’ll never stop, whilst I am alive, I’ll keep on writing, keep on sharing and keep on aiming to inspire you.

Lots of love my forever friends,



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