Stay Determined

Very often and more so that not, when I write these blog posts I am talking to myself, gearing myself up to take on the next challenge and encouraging myself to stay committed to moving forward, no matter what the set backs are.

Today, I talk to you and me about staying determined, even if you feel you have gone off track, get back in the game and remember all that you have achieved in life so far. Nothing can stop you, nothing is impossible to you and remember that that kind of positive and determined attitude will get you to where you want to get to.

I am so very determined to change my life for the better and I know I will reach the top of that ladder, I know it, I believe it and I feel it. I am getting stronger and stronger and I am willing and encouraging you to do the same for yourself.

Stay focused, stay determined and remember you are more than capable of doing this.

So let us all stay determined to achieve our greatest goals in this game of life, throw me a curve ball, keep ’em coming, because I am ready for the catch, here it comes, catch it with me!!

I write today with inspiration in my heart and determination in my mind, I write for you and for me. Let’s do this.

Keep on, keeping on.

Love Clarabelle


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