Blessing of Chaos

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Essentialist and Wannabesaint


Let’s hear it for chaos! The confusion and catastrophes we encounter on the road of life. The chasms and canyons we must cross, climb out of, forge and finagle to reach the promise land of peace and contentment.

Change is frightening, fearful and our instinct is to fight and hold on for dear life to what is familiar. We place our faith in what is comfortable, old habits, well known friends, old wine skins stretched and worn.


Chaos. Waves crashing, wind howling, tides pulling us under, we gasp for air, it is life. Going down, drowning, sinking deeper into the unknown abyss we close our eyes and breathe our last.

Chaos, uncertainty, instability. The tidal wave of change sweeps us under and in the depths we find stillness. Lost in the darkness of confusion but an unseen path leads us home.



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Field of Love

A friend asked me to share this post with her again, which i did and then i thought it might be a good idea to reblog it. This was written by me after a marathon training run in July 2013, I remember it so well.


I had this thought whilst out running yesterday morning, it certainly made me think and maybe because I am very much a ‘people person’ i.e. I love people, is why I think this way.

golden summer meadow

Golden Summer Meadow

Imagine you were walking alone through a beautiful golden summer meadow, beneath the bluest of skies, with the sun beaming down on all the colours of the flowers around you, the scenery is so stunning it has a white haze around it, as if you were in your own beautiful dream.

You feel lots of love around you, you feel happy, contented and at peace, you are grateful for this moment, you feel very blessed indeed.  Imagine that moment for yourself right now, if you’re anything like me, you feel so happy and have a soft smile upon your face. What is it that makes you feel that way, when you walk through…

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Keep a Strong Mind

This post is more than 2 years old but still yet as STRONG…..a reminder for you to Keep a Strong Mind. Clarabelle


Life Throws Us Many Challenges

Life throws us many challenges and sometimes just when you think you’ve got a little closer to the mountain top, darkness falls and fears and frustrations kick in.  No one said life was ever going to be easy, but we must remember there are many things in life to be grateful for right now.  Having an attitude of gratitude will become your inner torch, and will fill up your soul with an abundance of love and light.  This next poem was written by me, during a challenging time in my life and my self expression through my poetry, at times, was my saving grace.  I now share this with you in the hope that it will help you in some way to move forward regardless of the barriers that are in your way.  Much love to you today and always, Clarabelle.

keep a strong mind keep a strong mind

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Gratitude Exercise


Gratitude Exercise

Have you ever tried doing a Gratitude Exercise?  I thought I would share an exercise with you today, one that will help you to practice daily gratitude.  This one is about being grateful for the sweet music that is around us.  Music that will bring joy to your heart.

Extract from “It’s All About Gratitude” by Clarabelle:

The Magic of Music

Give thanks to the feel good vibrations of music that touches your heart and moves your soul. Play and sing along to your favourite song/musical piece today and let each musical note uplift your spirits. Give thanks for this moment and to the creators of this musical work of art. Let your body move to the rhythm of the beat and be thankful for being able to experience the magic of music. Play this music as many times as you want to today and feel deep gratitude for having it in your life. Sing and dance along to it and enjoy the happiness this brings to you today. Be thankful and joyous for it all.


The Power of Saying Thank You

Thanking you 🙂


Saying “thank you” is so very powerful indeed. When you say thank you to another person it truly does touch their heart and it touches your own too.

I just sent a letter of thank you to my friend, it’s important for him to know how grateful I am for him being in my life, it felt so good writing it, it really did and I meant every word.

Thank you for being here and for engaging in my musings, I am so very grateful for your contribution to this blog

Who are you thankful for in your life? Maybe you feel like writing them a thank you letter too.

In deepest gratitude, Clarabelle


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I Am Grateful

Daily exercises on the practice of daily gratitude.


It’s All About Gratitude

It's All About Gratitude

There are many things that have helped me to stay grounded, mindful in the moment and to feel truly blessed for what I already have in my life.  Yes, I want to achieve my dreams and become a very successful Singer-Songwriter but it’s so important to enjoy the NOW as much as I can.  I want to enjoy and embrace each baby step of the way.

My Grateful Heart

One thing that has really helped me on this journey is my grateful heart.  Everyday I practice the art of being grateful for everything I already have in my life and even if I’m having a tough day, thinking about what I am grateful for, instantly uplifts my mood.

Rhonda Byrne

My attitude of gratitude really became more intense after reading the book, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, Rhonda is also the Author of the famous…

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I Feel Change

Changing Ways to Happier Days.


I Feel Change

I feel there is change in the air and I mean fresh, purposeful, meaningful and positive change for me – I just feel it, I know it is coming, I know it and I can almost touch it!!

Where does this clear vision of change come from for me?

It comes from being on a spiritual journey, a path of natural healing, having faith and self belief, building momentum and having deep trust in the process.

How did this happen?

I made it happen, I wanted it to happen, I changed my daily habits, I changed my thinking, I worked on making me a better me, I opened my mind to a different kind of knowledge, I applied new learnings, I let my heart share its secrets and I have returned back to me, the true me that was always there but I had to find my own way of…

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New Jersey Nights

What a beautiful photo by American Photo Blog, I just had to share. It brings beautiful romantic thoughts into my mind. Love to you, Clarabelle

American Photo Blog

What a beautiful car sitting waiting for some young couple out for an evening stroll looking out at New York City. This was taken at Liberty State Park, New Jersey.


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Divine Mission

divine mission

Overcome those inner challenges, discover the real you, feel your way through life, do what feels good to you, do what you love as much as you can with the people you love.

You are a winner, yes you, you are great, you have everything that you need inside of you to achieve your greatest dreams.

Be the super star of your own movie and watch that film over and over and over again in your mind.

See how happy you are, look at how confident you are, look at the beauty you are surrounded by.

Now go on, watch it again in your mind, keep playing that great movie over and over again… let your inspired heart take you there, let it guide you into your divine mission, how good does that feel?

Explore your Divine Mission…’s there for you.

Love Clarabelle




What if You Kept Going?

New you new now

Conversations with Victor and Walter….

Victor:  “What if she kept going?”

Walter: “Impossible”

Victor:  “I think she will keep going?”

Walter: “No way, what makes you say that?”

Victor:  “I see the determination in her eyes, I feel her motivated spirit encouraging me to move forward in life.”

Walter:  “Where?”  “I don’t see it?”

Victor:  “You see what you feel Walter, if you don’t feel it, you won’t see it”.

Walter:  “How do I feel it then?”

Victor:  “Believe it first, then you will feel it, then you see it…then you will live it for yourself.”

Walter:  “No Victor, seeing is believing, not the other way around”.

Victor:  “Well if that’s what you believe, then that’s what you will experience, try to change that thinking and see what happens.”

Walter:  “Okay Victor, I’ll give it ago”.

One week later….

Walter:  “Good morning Victor, how are you this beautiful fine day?”

Victor:  “Good morning Walter, my oh my, you sound very happy indeed.”

Walter: “Yes, Victor, I listened to your voice of wisdom and well, I changed my thinking……..I believe, I just believe.”

Victor:  “Yes Walter, I believed it in you before I seen it ….and I believe you felt my belief in you.”

Walter: “Thank you for believing in me Victor, when others believe in you, you believe in yourself.”

Victor:  “Beautifully said Walter, just beautiful, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with me.”

Walter:  “I believe we are both wise Victor.”

Victor:  “Yes, I believe we all are Walter.”

Walter:  “Yes we all are.”


Best Memories in 2014

What’s your best memories of 2014? Happy New a Year to you, love Clarabelle


Christmas Tree

Better Memories in 2014

It’s good to reflect on the past year, What did you learn? Who did you meet that you didn’t know before? What were your best moments of 2013?  This next New Year poem is all about those reflections and taking the best memories and making even better memories in 2014.  Lots of love to you for a prosperous and very Happy New Year, love Clarabelle.


Reflect on the year gone by,
Think of the lessons and why.
What was the best time of all?
What made you smile and break down the wall?
Who made it memorable, just for you?
Who held your hand, when you were feeling blue?
This year will soon go to bed,
And 2014 will raise its happy head.
So I wish you good fortune and beautiful days.
As 2013 fades into the haze.

Created by Clarabelle, 27 December 2013

Clarabelle logo

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Clarabelle Blog, 2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Pure Love

Vulnerability is a strength…..I thought I would share this poem again with you today. Clarabelle.


Be fearless

Creative Mind

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Hospital waiting room for over an hour so I decided to put my creative mind to good use and write some poems.  Below is one of the four poems I wrote for you that day, entitled “Pure Love”, I hope you love it and I hope you live it!! Love Clarabelle

Pure Love

Like flipping a switch,
free your mind.
Let down the barriers,
and peace you’ll find. 
Wars are not won,
with a broken heart.
That battle is lost,
before you start.
Forgive in the moment,
open the door.
Vulnerability is a strength,
see yourself soar.
Capture in the now,
the real essence of you,
A feeling of pure love,
shining through.

By Clarabelle, 27 January 2014

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On Christmas Morn

I really love this Christmas Poem which I shared with you last year…..”To my hubby in heaven”…….written from another’s perspective.


Kelvin Hall Art Gallery Photo: Painting from Kelvin Hall Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Christmas Welcome

A very warm Christmas welcome to Day 6 of my Christmas poems leading up to Christmas Day. I do hope you like the next one, it may make you think about the precious love that surrounds you at Christmastime, embrace it with open arms because you are very blessed indeed.

On Christmas Morn

She looked out of the window,
on Christmas Day.
She remembered her past,
a time to pray.

For now she is older,
she is eighty three,
and sits alone,
there’s no “you and me”.

She had a love,
a husband that cared,
They loved Christmas,
everything was shared.

But he passed away,
10 years ago.
She remembers his smile,
and them dancing in the snow.

She isn’t sad,
she doesn’t feel lonely.
She is grateful for this life,
and her one and only.

She misses…

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What is wisdom?

Set yourself free, thought you’d really like to read this one again, might be beneficial now that we’re approaching a New Year. Love, Clarabelle


What is wisdom

Busy Lives

Wisdom is truth and we gain wisdom from being true to ourselves and listening to the whispers of our heart.  In our busy lives it is so easy to caught up in routine and rituals, we often don’t take the time out for ourselves and we can very easily allow that to happen too much, it can then create a build up of frustrations, stress, having the feeling of chasing our tail and ultimately never truly feeling free.

What Can You Influence?

Today I tempt you to take some precious time out for yourself and think about what is happening in your life right now that, A) is serving you well and B) is not serving you well – now focus on what needs to change for you, what can you influence to make things better for you?  The key thing here is to focus on what you…

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YOU Are Gold

Believing is Seeing, I wrote this poem last year for you, I shared it with you, I really love it, I hope you like reading it again. Remember, YOU Are Gold. 🙂


Christmas Tree

Believing is Seeing

The tide is turning, EVERYTHING is changing for the better, 2014 welcomes you with open arms, get ready to rock ‘n roll and take the challenge on…..success is on the horizon, I feel it for you, BELIEVING is seeing, make sure you do that.  This next poem is inspired by just that and it is for YOU.  Love Clarabelle.

YOU Are Gold

In every challenge,
there’s potential in you.
In every thought,
in all you do.

Believe the hype,
believe it’s true.
You are special,
So loved through and through.

A broken heart,
drowning in the sea.
Mind swirling around,
Set yourself free.

As the high winds howl,
like a wolf in the night.
Look for the stars,
They are your guiding light.

When you are the bottom,
the only way is up.
When shattered dreams,
feel heavy in your cup.

But one year on,
You’ll look…

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What’s So Special About Christmas Day?

I am in a “Merry Christmas” mode, so I thought I would share with you again this lovely Christmas poem, which I originally shared with you on Christmas Eve last year. The words still ring very true. Enjoy the Christmas blessings that surround you. Love Clarabelle


Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas To You

A very Merry Christmas to you, may today bring endless love to your heart, treasured dreams to your soul and forever happiness to your beautiful spirit.  Whatever is going on in your life today, put any sadness on hold for the next 24 hours and let love, fun and laughter swell your heart with gratitude and the magic of Christmas.  Today is filled with many miracles, they are surrounding you right now on this Christmas Day, close your eyes, open your heart and feel them.  Christmas Day is so very special and so are you, believe that and let your heart smile inside.

What’s So Special About Christmas Day?

What’s so special, about Christmas Day?
Why all the hype? I hear you say.
Why celebrate, on the 25th of December?
Why is this date, one to remember?

I’ll tell you what Christmas, means…

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Christmas Poetry: I Miss You Forever

This was a popular Christmas poem I shared with you on this blog last year, it is called “I Miss You Forever”, I love the meaning behind this one. If you are missing someone deeply this Christmas time, I am with you, you are in my thoughts. Love Clarabelle


 Christmas Tree

Christmas Poem

Every day between now and Christmas I am going to share a Christmas Poem with you. The one below speaks from my heart this Christmas time.

Loved Ones

Christmas is a beautiful time to spend with your family and close friends and this is often a time when you also think about your loved ones who can’t be with you right now and I know you can relate to that, just like me.

This next Christmas poem is all about that and this one is dedicated to my Wonderful Dad in heaven, “I Miss You Forever”.

I Miss You Forever

I miss you forever,
forever and a day.
But it seems to get harder,
when Christmas comes our way.

I think of your smile,
I think of your love.
When Christmas is with us,
And you are above.

Kindness is in the air,
All I want…

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Happiness is. . . .

Happiness is all that and more. Happy days to you, Love Clarabelle


What does happiness mean to you?  I have tried to capture in this next poem, some of what it means for me.  The sweet simple things in life are there to be enjoyed, I wish you a very happy day.

Happiness is . . . 

Love for another

My sister and brother

Tea with my mother


Reading a book

People watching, is a hook

Midnight stars, worth a look


Holding hands

Marching bands

Walking on sands


Swimming in the sea

Feeling free

You and Me


Sun in the sky

Imagination high

Kites that fly


The falling snow

Having faith, to know

Creative flow


A poetic note

An inspirational quote

Sailing on a boat


Dancing on the shore

Connected to your core

Happiness is all that and more

poemsbyclarabelle, 12 May 2012

If you really like what you read here on this blog, you…

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I Dreamed A Dream

It is good for you to have dreams, to have something in life to aim for, something in life that will inspire and change you for the better. I shared this poem with you last year entitled, “I Dreamed A Dream”, I thought it would be so lovely to share it with you today again. Keep on dreaming, Love Clarabelle.


Loch Lomond Sky Loch Lomond, Photo by Gerry Mitchell


Dreams are for the taking, don’t let them lie dormant in your heart, set your spirit free, jump on that cloud and fly towards them.  What are you waiting for? Just do it!!  The poem below is inspired by just that.  Much love to you today, Clarabelle

I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed a dream,
thought impossible today.
The essence of paradise,
a beautiful way.

I dreamed a dream,
of hope and forgiving.
Captivating hearts,
extraordinary living.

I dreamed a dream,
of future smiles.
Love and laugher,
going on for miles.

I dreamed a dream,
it swirls around me.
A life changing dream.
I know this will be.

By Clarabelle 15 January 2014

Clarabelle logo

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Jump on that Cloud

I shared this poem with you 2 years ago on this blog on Christmas Day…..I feel it wants to sing out to you today again….”Jump on that Cloud”, Love Clarabelle


Merry Christmas Everyone

When we really stop and take a meaningful look at the beauty around us, only then do we see it and feel it.  We have the power within us to magnify joy in each moment.  Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and I hope you choose to pause for a moment and open your eyes and heart to see it on this special celebratory day.  This next poem is inspired by just that.  Merry Christmas Everyone, Lots of Love Clarabelle.

jump on that cloud

Jump on that Cloud

The stars have no beauty, without your eyes,

Are the lights still shining? – Truth or lies.

Without your presence, nothing is real,

Nothing is enjoyed, no emotions you feel.

Paint a picture, of a world without time,

No space on earth, just simply sublime.

Let your imagination, stretch that far,

Outside of your reality, no sound from…

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Attitude of Gratitude

Have a grateful heart….here is a poem I shared with you last year, it is always good to have a gentle reminder about having an attitude of gratitude. Love Clarabelle


Photography by Clarabelle 2013How Grateful I Am

I was taking my mum to the hospital yesterday, she is fine, it was just for a regular 6 monthly check up to the eye clinic.  The hospital was so busy and whilst my mum was with the eye doctor I pullled out my iPad mini and created a couple of poems.  The first poem I wrote is below – being in the hospital made me think about how grateful I am for my own health and wellbeing and all the abundance I have in my life.  May your attitude of gratitude shine brighter than the sun today. Lots of love to you Clarabelle.

Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for my health, and happiness in me
Grateful for the sun, shining so free

Grateful for the rainbow, with colours so bright
Grateful for the youthfulness, making me light

I am grateful for, just every little…

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Christmas Dreams

Wishing you beautiful and loving Christmas Dreams, here’s a Christmas poem I shared with you last December on this Clarabelle Blog….enjoy again.


Kelvin Hall Art Gallery Photo: Painting from Kelvin Hall Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

May All Your Christmas Dreams Come True

A very warm and loving welcome to Day 22 of sharing a Christmas Poem with you. Below is another beautiful poem for you to enjoy this Christmas time, it speaks of truth from my heart and soul.  You are very special, each and every one of you and if you’re missing someone very special in your life right now, the words may resonate with you. May all your Christmas Dreams come true.  Love Clarabelle

Christmas Dreams

I think of you, only you,
You’re floating in my head.

I wonder what you’re doing this Christmas,
As I lie here in my bed.

I dream of this, I dream of that,
But one thing is for sure,
When you are in my Christmas dreams,
All sadness you do cure.

I know you might be smiling…

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A Poem of the Heart

I’m sharing this poem of the heart with you again….I hope you enjoy. Love, Clarabelle



Just before I start my days work, here is a poem of the heart for you:

A Poem of the Heart

A poem of the heart,
especially for you.
To make you feel loved,
so wonderful and true.
A poem from my soul,
lifting you up,
Raising your spirits,
with a half full cup.
A poem of truth,
with a magical spell.
This poem is for you,
and I wish you well.

Wishing you a very beautiful day today, share a piece of your heart.


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There’s a Champion in YOU!!

I wrote this blog article in December 2012 and I feel it is so apt right now….there is indeed a Champion in YOU. Believe. Love, Clarabelle


Life can be really really tough sometimes, it can throw you curve ball after curve ball, whilst you’re climbing up the highest mountain, in the toughest terrain and then just when you think you’re getting somewhere, down comes the avalanche!!  You may not realise it, but this is where the lighting strikes, this is where the miracle happens….saturated in doubts and drenched in tears, your heart and soul gets to work and creates a special magic inside of you, which reaches out and touches the stars.  When you feel the deepest pain, believe me, it’s the start of your healing. How do I know?……I’ve been there.  The New Year is just around the corner, there is life after 2012, I see it is so very special for you, full of love and abundance. My inner calling told me to share this with you today…….sometimes we all need a helping hand…

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And then it Snowed!!

It’s rather snowy where I am in Bonny Scotland right now, I like this little festive poem which I created and shared last year on this Clarabelle Blog it is so apt right now. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas. Love Clarabelle


Winter's Day in Scotland Winter’s Day in Scotland

Christmas Love

A very warm Christmas love welcome to you and to Day 8 of sharing a Christmas poem with you everyday until Christmas Day.

A Winter’s Day

I love to look out on a Winter’s Day, snow softly falling beneath the soft pink sky and unique tranquility in the air that you can really only feel and not describe with words.  This next Christmas poem is inspired by just that.  Stay snug and warm this Christmas.  Christmas love to you, Clarabelle.

And then it snowed!

A child in the moment,
I look up to the sky.
A mesmerising pink,
I’m flyng high.

For in this beauty,
everything glowed.
Lost in the tranquility
and then it snowed!!

I run outside,
I wanted to feel.
Snowflakes on my face,
this magic was real.

Whiter than white,
but really not that cold.
Amongst this miracle scenery,
secret dreams…

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Wake Me Up

A poetic verse for you.

Wake Me UpIMG_3566.JPG



Wake me up,
In the light.
Heal my spirit,
Into the night.
The sun will rise,
The curtain unveils.
Life beyond the window,
Of fables and tales.
Tell me a story,
Keep it real.
Baby steps of truth,
Happiness I feel.


by Clarabelle


Sweet Christmas Angel

Here is a little Christmas Poem for you, I created this last year for this Clarabelle Blog….”Sweet Christmas Angel”. Christmas blessings to you.


You're a Star

Just for You

Today is Day 15 of sharing a Christmas poem with you every day until Christmas Day. This next Christmas poem is from my eBook of Christmas poems and it just for you, I hope you like it.

Sweet Christmas Angel

 The Christmas Angel,

Smiles at me.

She’s looking pretty,

On the Christmas tree.

I know she’s watching,

With a caring eye.

I feel her heart,

As I pass by.

She’s an Angel of love,

With Christmas spirit too.

Sweet Christmas Angel.

With the beautiful view.

Created by Clarabelle, November 2013

Clarabelle logo


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Don’t Compare

don't compare quote

I love this quote above,  it rings so true for me right now.

It is always tempting to compare yourself to the outcomes of another but I urge you to think only about you, how far you are progressing and if you are doing everything you can to move yourself forward and be the best that you can be.

When you think of it, it really does sound crazy to compare yourself to someone who is much further forward on the Chapters of their own book.

You are the Artist, you are the creator of your own life and you must design it your way.  Yes, you can use people as role models but don’t compare yourself to them, use their success and achievements to inspire you from within and do it your way – your own way – you know, like in the song by Frank Sinatra…..”I Did It My Way”.


lots of love to you, Clarabelle



Chasing Happiness

Words that inspire…..Chasing Happiness…..



Clarabelle LogoRe-invent Yourself

I met with a wonderfully inspirational man on Sunday afternoon for coffee in Glasgow City Centre, he is a Film Maker and creative writer.  We met for about 2 hours and within that space of time I felt so inspired by his words.  He is a “go-getter”, living his dream, he wakes up every morning feeling excited, he just loves life and you can feel the power of his light shining from within.  He spoke about “Chasing Happiness” and what that meant to him….I was truly blown away!!  There is one other phrase he said that particularly stuck with me and that was “re-invent yourself”…..I loved that, because in my mind it opens up a whole new world and “I am”.  This next poem is inspired by that meeting, I do hope you are inspired by it too, love Clarabelle.

Chasing Happiness

Chasing happiness, What…

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I See You


I see you, I know you’re watching me, I believe you are listening to every word I whisper, I feel you’re desire for a better you, a better life, a new tomorrow.

But I know you are a little scared, you have fears, but you’re going to be alright, you’re going to be much much better than alright. How do I know this? I just know this, because that’s why you’re here, everyday you visit me and you know it will help you, you know it will help you ease your current pain and you’re gonna make it.

Did you hear me right?  Yes, you, YOU, you’re gonna make it, that dream you’ve always wanted to achieve, that burning ambition living inside of you……it’s making its way to your heart, it wants to breathe true life into you, it’s getting ready to take on the world and nothing is going to stop it, which means nothing is going to stop you.

Pause for a moment, think about it……really think about it, you can see it right?  I know you can, because I can see it too. WOW, it looks amazing, your future self is so grateful you took the courage and made the first step now.  Go on, take another step, that’s right, you’re doing really great…….do you feel your heart smiling, it is you know, it is smiling with super joy because you’re heading in the right direction.  Where are you going?  Maybe we could do this together, help each other along the way, two brave soldiers heading out into battle and the only outcome possible is reaching the rainbow at the other end.

What a great day this is, this is the most amazing day for you, you might not realise it yet, but you’ve just climbed a huge mountain and you’re now looking at the view from the top……..You may be a little bruised getting here, but you’ve got here, wasn’t it all worth it, don’t you agree that you deserve so much better for you and for your family.  Let’s go my friend, there’s another mountain to climb, but we’re in this together, fighting with our hearts and minds to achieve EVERYTHING that we want and more.

I see you, do you see me?

I can do attitude

What Mood Are You In?

I love this mood lift chart….what mood are you in?


Mood Lift Chart

Mood Lift Chart

I love this chart above, it was passed to me by one of my clients who has been working with an expert on leading change.  I love it so much that I carry this little chart about with me everywhere now, I often look at it to measure where my mood is at.  Earlier today, I had identified my mood as being -1 Impatient, Frustrated, I know why, I was putting too much energy and focus on a situation that did not serve me well, I changed focus and it then gradually moved up to +6 Resourceful and in this moment in time I am at +8 Wise, Insightful.  Try it for yourself, print off the chart, cut it out and put it in your wallet/purse and test yourself throughout the day in terms of where your mood is at, it is very enlightening and will help…

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Three Little Angels

The Three Little Angels Story…..


Three Little Angels

The brain loves stories, here is a little inspirational poetic story for you, I hope you connect with its positive vibe. Much love to you today, Clarabelle.

Three Little Angels

I walked to the rainbow’s edge
This was a dream come true
Three little Angels sat on a ledge
Singing, “Whatever you want, you can do”

I thought to myself, is this for real
Stunned in amazement, happiness I feel
I am blessed, with the greatest treasure
I said to the Angels, it is my pleasure

I thought for a moment, about what they said
Random thoughts went through my head
“Whatever I want, I can do”
Surely this is a dream come true

How do I do it?, I asked all three
What is the answer?, What can it be?
The Angels smiled and their eyes did glisten
I said, please tell me Angels, I will listen

They gently…

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Isn’t Life Funny


A poem of how funny life can be sometimes….funny strange that is!!

Isn’t Life Funny

Isn’t life funny,
In a strange kind of way.
One moment you’re up,
Another you’re in dismay.

As the clouds pass by,
Remember one thing.
That all can change,
With a telephone ring.

For what you seek,
Is seeking you.
It’s in the air,
Travelling through.

It wants to make you happy,
It wants to make you thrive.
Growing like a sunflower,
Feeling so alive.

So laugh when you can,
Smile at the passer by.
Life is what it is,
And I know you know why.

By Clarabelle

Smile Like You Want To

Smile from your heart and feel the difference today. Smile with love in your eyes and feel your sparkle touch another. It really is the simple things in life that can make a significant difference to your day and to another ‘s day. Take a moment to reflect upon that and put some joy into your soul, it will surely create a beautiful ripple effect around the world.

And don’t forget please, to Smile Like You Want To.

Loves and smiles from Clarabelle.


Look in the Mirror

Take a look in the mirror, I mean a really good look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you reflecting back what you desire for yourself? Look beyond your physical appearance, look straight through your eyes and into your heart, what does that feel like? If you would feel your way through life, feel for the happiness in what you are and in what you do, then I believe this would lead you to greatness, to true life fulfilment and to true love for everything around you.

Look in the mirror, what do you see? Keep looking until you feel it and capture that feeling, now let this feeling of who you really are guide you to inner peace and happiness.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Love Clarabelle.


What Are You Dying To Do?

I listened to a motivational speech yesterday, where some valuable words of wisdom were shared. It spoke about, “living your life, like you’re dying”, and it made me think about what that would mean for me. I suppose none of us are going to be around forever and I guess if a Doctor said to me today that I was dying, then I know I would immediately change my perceptions on a lot of things. None of us will get out of this life “alive”….right?? So, I guess in our present living, we are somewhat, dying. So now if I apply that thought to my current life, I am thinking, well, there are so many more things that I want to do, that I want to experience, that I want to achieve, so…..I just better get a move on. It is a good reminder, I think for us all, to not take life for granted and to be grateful for all our experiences. I think it is time for you and I to truly live the life we want…….what are you dying to do to?


Live in the Now

This moment, right now, is all you have, tomorrow is not here yet and your future visions, albeit, extremely important are only visible right now in your imagination. But it is in the strength of your imagination that holds the key to getting what you want. The more clearer and specific your vision is, the more you will do in the now to get there. If your ultimate vision lives fully, in your heart, mind, spirit and soul, then you will automatically find yourself doing things that are in alignment with the achieving of that vision. Keep your vision alive by taking care of your present moments and be mindful that what you do now, creates your tomorrow and hopefully a better, more fulfilling one for you.

Let your imagination take you there now, and do all that you can each day to make that happen.

Spreading the wisdom, love Clarabelle.


Question of the Month

What question do you need to ask yourself today, that will challenge your thinking, inspire your mind and help you take your next step forward?

My Answer

The question I will ask myself today, in relation to my career is,

“If you weren’t doing what you are currently doing, what other thing would you want to be doing and why?”

I am going to let my mind simmer away at answering that question.

What’s your question?

Happy answering,



The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life,
Expressed in the land.
Climbing a mountain,
Walking on sand.

Seen with your eyes,
Felt with your soul.
Always around you,
Challenge or goal.

Be present now,
As seconds go by.
Master your thoughts,
Be positively high.

You have a choice,
You have a chance.
To sing in the darkness,
To light up the dance.

Forget the past,
And all of the wrong,
Take your life back,
Be your own song.

Decide your wants,
Create your new book.
Blank page, new chapter,
Let your heart take a look.

By Clarabelle


Stay Determined

A positive poem for you:

Stay Determined

Stay determined,
True to the end.
Keep your focus,
See problems mend.

For only you,
Can change it all,
No matter the size,
Big or small.

Stay very hungry,
Feed your mind,
With positive thoughts,
Discover and find.

A brand new you,
With a happy smile,
Stay determined,
Forever and a while.

By Clarabelle, “Stay Determined”


Horizon of Happiness

She has desires in her heart and she believes, she absolutely believes that the beauty of her vision is within easy reach. Step by step, bit by bit, moment to moment, she thinks her way to the achievement of her dreams. She looks out to the Horizon of Happiness, she knows what she has to do and she feels deep determination in her soul. She can’t stop till she gets there, she’ll never stop till she gets there and whilst “getting there” she will embrace the joy of the journey as much as she can.

She sees her mind strong, stronger than ever before and she believes in herself. Her actions are powerful, she talks empowering, positive language to herself and she surrounds herself with inspiration.

She stands there alone but with the world in her happy heart. Her piercing blue eyes, as they look out into the horizon, sparkle like the brightest stars…….she knows destiny his her choice.

Make a choice today, decide want you definitely want in life and “do it”.

Lots of love today, Clarabelle


Freedom Days

I have been enjoying what I call a couple of “Freedom Days”. What are “Freedom Days”? Well, to me, these are days where you get up early, with no definite plans in mind and see where the day takes you. These days for me are relaxing, free flowing, carefree and peaceful. I love my “me time”, Freedom Days.

Why don’t you try it, I am sure it will set your spirit free and bring you great inner joy.

Love Clarabelle