Gratitude Exercise


Gratitude Exercise

Have you ever tried doing a Gratitude Exercise?  I thought I would share an exercise with you today, one that will help you to practice daily gratitude.  This one is about being grateful for the sweet music that is around us.  Music that will bring joy to your heart.

Extract from “It’s All About Gratitude” by Clarabelle:

The Magic of Music

Give thanks to the feel good vibrations of music that touches your heart and moves your soul. Play and sing along to your favourite song/musical piece today and let each musical note uplift your spirits. Give thanks for this moment and to the creators of this musical work of art. Let your body move to the rhythm of the beat and be thankful for being able to experience the magic of music. Play this music as many times as you want to today and feel deep gratitude for having it in your life. Sing and dance along to it and enjoy the happiness this brings to you today. Be thankful and joyous for it all.


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