Music with Heart

I Am Here

I Am Here

I thought I would share some of my music with you today.  I have a lot of new visitors coming to this site each and every day, there’s almost 50,000 of you and I think it would be nice to share my songwriting passion with all you newbies and of course existing blog followers/visitors.

It’s really so nice to have you here, it really is.

Below is a short video of me a.k.a Clarabelle singing at my first live gig in my hometown in Scotland,UK. This song is entitled “I Am Here”, it was the very first song I wrote in this new chapter of my songwriting career.

Creative writing is so important to me, it’s a MUST in my life, so whether it be musings on this blog or heart to heart songwriting, I love it all.

I Am Here is a song I wrote about missing my Dad but I know he is happy in heaven above.

This song goes out to each and everyone of you out there who is deeply missing someone from your life right now.  Forever they are in our hearts.

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