Wisdom in the Dark

When you are in a situation that challenges the core of who you really are, that goes against your core values and beliefs, I believe, it makes those inner parts of you even stronger. Yes, at first there is minor discontentment but as time goes on in the given situation that discontentment can lead to major frustration and often inner resentment. This is when the “real” you must take a stance for what you stand for and gracefully bow out of the situation before it takes a hold of your inner wellbeing. The most important thing is that you learn from these experiences, you gain a greater self-awareness about what you want from life going forward and what values you must honour for yourself. Actually, it can be one of life’s greatest lessons that will lead you on the right path for you. At first, this uncomfortable experience, might feel like travelling on a train through the most beautiful scenery, in the dark, hence you miss the beauty of the journey. However, when you raise your inner light, when you stay true to yourself, dawn breaks, morning light appears and you can begin to truly enjoy the beautiful scenery of the journey again. Maybe travelling through the dark isn’t all that bad, because when morning comes and you look back, maybe just maybe you had to take that journey, maybe just maybe it strengthened your inner character and helped you to rebuild your life.

Of course, I am talking from self experience and you know, when I think of how this experience has shaped me, I guess travelling in the dark has been a purposeful journey of self discovery and inner illumination. I guess it’s been my own “wisdom in the dark”.

Wherever you are in life, whatever life throws at you, you will always have your inner torch to guide you to the light.

I see your inner glow, let it shine.

Lots of love today, Clarabelle


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