30,000 Lights

Imagine one torch, shining in the darkness, it really helps you take your next step BUT I now want you to imagine, 30,000 of those torches all shining together, that sort of light beam, would light up the world.

Today, I celebrate reaching over 30,000 Clarabelle Blog views and I am “chuffed to bits”. Each view for me represents a welcomed light, like inspiration in the darkness and I want to thank YOU for being here and making that happen.

You are a light on my path, illuminating each step of the journey, you have contributed greatly to this blog success, thank YOU for your light.

I will continue to deliver the best I can to this blog, so more lights can join us and so we can be an inspirational light for each other.

Without YOU there is no light, only darkness, so please keep on sharing your light, because it has the potential to take us to the moon and back.

A whopping 30,000 views, I am amazed, I am inspired, I will keep going, thank you once again for being here.

Lots of love, Clarabelle


Comments make me happy....Thank You!!

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