Rainbow’s End

I haven’t shared a poem with you for a little while, so here is one for you, that popped out of my head very early this morning.

Take your life to Rainbow’s End. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Rainbow’s End

A little more effort,
A little more soul.
Doing it with passion,
Reaching your goal.

Work a little harder,
Prove that you care,
Believe in yourself,
Risk if you dare.

Life is a challenge,
It’s also full of love,
A landscape of beauty,
Viewed from above.

When life beats you down,
Remember your smile,
Put on your crown,
Go a walk for a while.

Let strong thoughts guide you,
To the vision you see,
Make happiness your target,
Seek beyond mystery.

This is your message,
Be your own best friend,
Soon you’ll be dancing,
On Rainbow’s end.

By Clarabelle, 20 October 2014


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