I’m Going To Make It

It felt dark and cold at times and then bright, warm and sunny at other times, but through those darkest of days, through the toughest of times, when tears could not stop falling, all of a sudden and out of nowhere the inner light appeared with the feeling and knowing that the darker days are over. The trudge uphill has come to an end and she is fully back in control of her life and her true destiny.

She has fallen down many times but all she has ever known was to get back up, she had never practiced anything else, for that is just who she is. Even when she felt she was drowning in the gutter, she would be willing someone else on to do their best, to never give up, to keep going, to keep growing and to work towards a better life.

She has this feeling today, a feeling of unbelievable confidence in herself, a natural inner strength that she hasn’t recognised for a long time. She knows this feeling is real, it’s not fake, it’s not make up, it’s her true self speaking and she is in alignment with what she hears.

She wonders how this came about today, today of all days, when only 48 hours before she was going through a mind struggle of emotions and physical drain. What happened? This makes her think of a saying she values “have faith in the mystery of the unknown”.

She thinks back to the prayers she said recently, she thinks back to what she outwardly and openly asked the Universe for…..could it be this? Whatever it is and wherever it came from, what matters now is that she is going to embrace this feeling of new found confidence in herself and in her capabilities, she is going to channel all her energies in the right direction and she is going to change her world, she is going to turn it upside down and inside out for the better.

It’s been a long heavy journey, heavier than she could carry at times but she’s not going to focus on that, she is in charge of her now, in charge of her happiness and she knows that she has the inner strength and inner power to achieve all her dreams and more.

She wants to get out in the fresh air today, she wants to feel the wind and rain upon her face, she wants to take in the renewed energy of the environment around her. She feels free today, a different kind of freedom than what she has felt before, for she knows, she absolutely knows…….”I’m going to make it”.

Make today your “I’m going to make it day”.

Lots of love from the true heart of Clarabelle.


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