Positive Petals

dark blue flower

Look at the picture of the beautiful blue flower above and for each petal that is on this flower, I want you to think of something you are grateful for.  Let’s do this together, my answers are in brackets below.

Petal 1.  I am grateful for…..(my wonderful health and wellbeing.)

Petal 2.  I am grateful for….(my determined spirit.)

Petal 3.  I am grateful for…(my positive attitude.)

Petal 4.  I am grateful for…(my amazing supportive family and friends.)

Petal 5.  I am grateful for…(my grateful heart.)

If you wish you can change it up a little, you can let each petal represent something positive that is happening in your life right now, here’s another example:

Petal 1:  I am so happy that my marathon training is going to plan and I love how my fitness levels are improving.

Petal 2:  I am so delighted that I have now committed to drinking more water throughout the day and my body and mind feels so much better for it.

Petal 3:  I feel so positive about the fact that my family and friends are all in good health.

Petal 4:  I am so happy that when my friends think of me, they call me and ask me how I am doing, it is so nice to be important in their lives.

Petal 5:  I am so happy and positive about making progress in my life in terms of my business ideas, although the challenges are still there, I am always focused on achieving a positive solution and always do.

There you have it, just you look at each petal on that beautiful flower and let each petal represent something special for you in your life right now.  I am already in a better, brighter mood just by doing this exercise with you…….I’m now ending this article with a happier heart…..I feel good.

What are your positive petals saying for you?


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