On a Road, Not Many Travel

the road less travelled

I write from experiences, experiences close to my heart.  This is my very own poetic true story, “On a Road, Not Many Travel.”

On a Road, Not Many Travel

Blinded by the fog,
Congested in my head.
Trapped in an ocean,
of troubled thoughts instead.

I waited for an answer,
I tried almost everything.
I wanted to get better,
Hear my happy heart sing.

I had to make a change,
I needed to get out.
I wanted to see the world,
Explore and go about.

It took away the pain,
Distracted my old focus.
Held me in nature’s hands,
Like magical, hocus pocus.

The world I sit in now,
Was never in my vision.
It was an unknown footstep
Each one with real precision.

I stumbled upon an idea,
That would make a genius proud.
I was thinking on my own,
In the silence, it shouted loud.

The wheel it started to turn,
It was flowing like a river.
Gentle in its movement,
Capturing my heart forever.

The lesson I did learn,
Whispers deep within my soul.
I had a big big dream,
A never ending goal.

My spirit was set free,
On a road, not many travel.
People questioned my doings,
Like a mystery to unravel.

They thought I had gone mad,
They talked behind my back.
Thinking that I had failed,
Gone down a real bad track.

Now I stand almighty,
For I discovered the code.
Of how to be so happy.
And drop the heavy load.

I share my story with you,
A journey of untold tales.
Which dusted away the cobwebs,
Made successes from many fails.

I am not a magician,
Nor an angel without wings.
I just wanted to be happy,
Find love in wonderful things.

I took charge of my life,
I said, “I’m in control”.
“I am the light,
That brightens the darkest hole.”

I took brave bold decisions,
That inspired my curious mind.
This gave me the positive energy,
To give me, what I now find.

I’ll write another chapter,
It’s now a long life mission.
To always be so happy,
And I give myself permission.

About Clarabelle, By Clarabelle.



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