Dreams and The Law of Attraction

Dreams and The Law of Attraction

A poem about dreams and the power of The Law of Attraction.  Just for you and your dreams.

dream big the law of attraction

It’s Called The Law of Attraction

I had a dream,
It lit up my heart.
I could feel its energy,
Right from the start.

The dream was big,
and gloriously bright.
It shone over mountains,
Dancing like a kite.

It captivated my soul,
Kept my spirits high.
This dream, what a dream,
In this dream, I could fly.

And then one day,
It knocked on my door.
“I am your dream,
come with me and soar.”

I was so excited,
my heart skipped a beat.
This dream wanted me,
I went, fast on my feet.

When I asked for my dream,
I held it tightly in my mind.
A vision so strong,
One of a kind.

I was grateful for it coming,
I knew it was only time.
Until that wonderful dream,
Would surely be mine.

Next time you have a dream,
See yourself there.
Appreciating its magic.
Gracing the air.

I had a dream,
And with inspired action.
The dream came to me,
It’s called The Law of Attraction.

By Clarabelle

15 thoughts on “Dreams and The Law of Attraction

  1. So inspiring.. loved it really!
    It makes my thoughts more stronger and wiser…
    your post surprise me each day…
    I am grateful to have followed you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Excellent to hear dear! : ) Stay very well and blessed my wonderful friend. Spread your glow. : )


      2. You are most welcome beautiful person. 🙂 Really sorry for late reply, had a lot going on. But do hope you are very well and blessed dearest being. 🙂 xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      3. My pleasure dear. Deeply appreciate your support, friendship and kindness, always. Thank you so much. Aamir. 🙂 xoxo


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