Good Morning Poetry

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Good Morning Poetry

Good morning to you,
may today bring you love,
from the freshest sea breeze,
and the sunshine above.
May the stars catch your eye,
with a twinkling delight,
may the warmth of your hand,
melt another’s fright.
Let your dreams take hold,
let them reach you today,
and every step that you take,
may it make you happy.

By Clarabelle


5 thoughts on “Good Morning Poetry

  1. beautiful like a summers day
    words glimmer so beautifully

    a love so fresh just like the sea
    a mirror image of her beauty

    warmth of love on summers day
    melts the heart in a beautiful way

    trees whispering with there leaves
    rustling on morning breeze

    the internal beauty love and ease
    the calmness of nature

    a love so sweet.

    your poetic friend thinks your words are sweet

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