The Coffee in Your Cup

It’s all important, just you wait and see….


It is important to recognise each day what you are grateful for in life, even when times are very tough there is always something to have gratitude for.  What three things are you grateful for today?  This next poem is inspired by this…..what’s in your cup? 

When times are getting you down

And you feel like wearing a frown

Remember to be grateful for all that you’ve got

Ask yourself this question – “I am grateful for what?”

Just listing 3 things, will instantly cheer you up

From friends in your life, to the coffee in your cup

It’s all important, just you wait and see

That appreciating life, fills you with glee

So think a little different, in this moment now

And you can turn around tough times, to make you feel just WOW!!

poemsbyclarabelle,  Created on 17 December 2011

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