Gentle, Soothing and Ambient Piano Music

Let the sound of the piano soothe your soul today….


piano playing

Feeling Blessed

Hello to you.

I feel very blessed for everything in my life, I really do.  Life is a blessing and as I am getting older, I am appreciating so many more things, which before, I probably took for granted.

What do you feel blessed for in your life?

Music is a Blessing

I was thinking today, that music is a blessing, such a beautiful blessing and I wanted to share with you the piano instrumental from one of my songs.  This piece of music, I feel, is so gentle and ambient that it will soothe you into a peaceful haven.

This instrumental is from the song “Runaway Love” and I feel it just fits perfectly playing in the background, when you are reading your favourite book or having some deep reflection time whilst sipping a lovely cup of coffee.

Let the piano notes take you to places you’ve…

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