The Child in me Smiles

Words of beauty and mystical things…..


Sometimes when I’m writing, random thoughts and words come to mind and I just jot down what flows from me at that time.  Sometimes it doesn’t really make sense to me at that moment but then afterwards I feel the message that is coming through. This next poem is created from that, full of random words with meaningful impact.  I wish for you a day filled with meaningful actions towards your purpose.  Lots of love Clarabelle.

the child in me smiles The Child in me Smiles

The Child in me Smiles

The hand that writes,

the pen that sings,

words of beauty,

mystical things.

Line after line,

like motion in the ocean,

Sand in between my toes,

I love your potion.

All is magical,

I’m under your spell,

The stars call out to me,

above the wishing well.

And at the core of it all,

the child in me smiles;

A special connection,


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