The Way of the World

the way of the world

The Way of the World

The way of the world,
dances in my smile,
it captures real presence,
along the baby step mile.

This vision so true,
breathing through my soul,
makes for youthful living,
a cherished gratitude goal.

Forever I have dreamed,
of this moment here,
a powerful magnetic feeling,
a reflection so very clear.

Choices full of chance,
played on my inspired mind,
on rolling a red and white dice,
the number six for me was kind.

I knew from that moment,
life was on my side,
a tear drop of emotion,
let go the river of pride.

Many never listened,
for lots have played this game,
but it’s not who you are,
or the stories told in blame.

A special kind of something,
takes over your solitude heart,
there is no secret code,
there is no key to start.

The tale was always written,
before the door appeared,
the lock was in your soul,
created from everything feared.

I tell you this my friend,
to gently take you places,
your desires want to go,
grey shadows of many faces.

In life you have to run,
this vivid imaginary race,
so you can find yourself,
fulfilled in every space.

Poetry Created by Clarabelle, 13 November 2016

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