Oh Mr Snowman

Festive Spirit

I seem to be getting into the festive spirit already and accordingly to the recent UK weather forecast there will be plenty of opportunity over the next few months to make as many snowmen as we want.  I hope you like this Family Christmas Poem below, it is from my latest eBook, “It’s All About Christmas”.  Sending you some early Christmas love, Clarabelle

A young Clarabelle, Age 10, (2nd from right) with friends from School.

Oh Mr Snowman

Don’t believe a snowman,
Has no heart inside.
Because he was built,
By a child with pride.

He was a dream,
A vision of fun.
He brought the family together,
And lives in everyone.

Oh Mr Snowman,
You stand still, with a smile.
I could look at you forever,
Come walk with me for a mile.

Oh how I wish,
That could be true.
We’d be dancing and laughing,
Yes, snowballs fight too.

So when the snow comes,
In the big icy freeze.
Your snowman’s heart, lives in you,
Remember this please.

By Clarabelle 21 November 2013

Family Christmas Poems

Family Christmas Poems

Please check out Clarabelle’s eBook of Christmas Poems, entitled “It’s All About Christmas” – it contains 25 festive poems for all the family, one for each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.  Please CLICK HERE for more information/to purchase. PRICE:  £2.99

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