A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living

A life worth living, starts with you. Yes, you, from inside, from deep inside your heart because that’s where the core of your own truth lives and breathes.

That Natural Feeling

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own saturated heads that we forget what that natural feeling is really like and it’s so easy to do, as I am sure each and everyone of you have experienced at some time in your life.

Cut to the Chase

So what is a life worth living to you? What does this really mean for you? Let’s cut to the chase here, as a matter of a fact I feel a true life worth living eliminates all chasing completely.  What are you chasing?  Happiness? Success? Money? Love? Belonging?  Think about this, if you’re always chasing, are you really living……well, are you?

It’s Your Time to Decide

A life worth living, say it out loud, A LIFE WORTH LIVING, again a life worth living, it’s your time to decide what that is. One thing for sure is though, if you’re always chasing you’re missing the best parts, the best moments, the best part of now because a life worth living is this moment in time now and now…..and well, now!!

With Open Arms

What can you do in the now to fully embrace with open arms a life worth living? It’s there you know, IT IS there, right in front of you, its energy is all around you.

I encourage you today, to really think about this one because if you’re merely existing and/or just surviving, what beauty and magic are you missing right now because it is everywhere you know?

A Life Worth Living…..be in it now!!


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