Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

Stay Strong – Stronger Than Ever

In the past, I was always known as the “go to” girl in places where I worked, to write a wee funny poem about someone.  I would be asked to write poems for work colleagues leaving, celebrating their 50th birthday or expecting twins!!  I really really loved it.  I could write a poem very quickly and very easily and I always gave it just the right sentiment.  As the years went on I started writing poems that would encourage people to turn their life around for the better. A lot of the times, I was talking to myself if I was having a tough day – it would definitely make me feel better.

Stay Strong Poem

A few years ago my brother was going through a particular tough time at work, he was being made redundant and was treated very badly in the process.  My Professional background was in Human Resource Management so I helped him a lot professionally – it made the tough days a little easier for him.  After the process he was exhausted and was at a loss, he had to start looking for another job and in the middle of a recession it wasn’t easy!!

I gave my brother a little card to help him feel better and I made up a little poem for him entitled “Stay Strong” for him to read and hopefully make him feel better – it did.  Below is the poem that I wrote for my brother:

Stay Strong

Life can be tough,
the weather may be rough,
but stay strong,
find the inner strength to carry on.

You are loved, have faith, believe.
You are special, focus and achieve.
One door is closed, but many are ajar,
realise your potential, you’ll go very far.

The world is on your side,
so fill your heart with pride.
Move on up, inspire your mind,
get ready for change, you’re one of a kind.

A few years later I decided to turn some of my encouraging poems into motivational and encouraging greetings cards – I just wanted to cheer people up when they were going through low times.  I wanted to give people the opportunity to buy a card for a close friend or family member who was feeling down and that the greetings card would be heartfelt and encouraging towards that person.  Sometimes we struggle to find the words to say ourselves but a little card of encouragement can say it all for us.  It signifies that caring touch and that special bond we have with that person.   

Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

Over the last 2 years I have invested a lot of time and energy into setting up my motivational and encouraging greetings cards business and I am delighted to say that it is doing very well.  I am even more delighted to report that the “Stay Strong” greetings card, containing the original poem I wrote for my brother during his tough days, is the most popular and best selling greetings card of my 45 individual designs.

Below is a link to this card on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy:

Amazon:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Ebay:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Etsy:  Stay Strong Greetings Card

Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card
Stay Strong Greetings Card

A Caring Thought for the Good of All

I will continue to write my motivational and encouraging poems as I know they are spreading love and encouragement to people all over the world. This for me is my Happy Ever After!!

It’s your life, go get it!!


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