What is Perfect Anyway?


Beautiful sky

I set myself high standards because I want to be the best that I can be.  I want to become a better person every day, sometimes I get this right, sometimes I don’t, but as long as I learn from it and apply the learning going forward, I know I will progress.

I don’t strive to be perfect, what is perfect anyway?  To me the closest thing to perfect is in the imperfections, that I feel is our uniqueness.  I don’t want to be like anybody else, I just want to be me, I like being me and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, I want you to embrace in the fullness of this life, the wonderful person that is YOU, everything about you is special, believe you are the miracle of all miracles.  Believe in YOU, in all that you do, let your spirit fly and let your imagination free your soul into the Universe.  This energy will take shape and form into something that may be beyond your belief right now but I want you to have faith and hold onto that vision because you are a magnet for it and it’s making its way to YOU.

Much love to you today, Clarabelle

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17 thoughts on “What is Perfect Anyway?

  1. Hi Bella Belle 🙂 I love this photo!!

    It is good to aim high in life.

    Touching what is perfect; the people closest to Jesus Christ called him ‘Good’ and He said to them don’t, because no one is good save the Father.

    Jesus was very humble apart from being the son of God, He didn’t think being equal to God was something to be grasped, but made Himself of no reputation. And being found in the form of a man humbled himself, even to the point of death, death on the cross, therefore God has highly exalted him. 🙂 That at his name every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the father.

    To be perfect, God said we need to be:

    1. born again, and that of His Spirit.

    2. We need to be like Jesus was in all of our lives, but especially in forgiveness and service to others.

    I hope you don’t mind me preaching on your blog

    God bless you today dear Belle


      1. Thank you Belle 🙂 I pray you will have a fabulous day today. And that God will hold you close and draw you to himself in every way as he does all who are his children.


      2. lol Well that’s good because they are true, and I see something very good in you though we haven’t ever met.

        BTW; have you moved to Canada yet?
        Did you know that Canada was named by her natives? Kanata , which means camp?


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