Have a serious chat with yourself!!

Beautiful sunset

I am having a serious chat with myself today, I have the energy and enthusiasm to really move forward in life, to achieve all that I want to achieve, to embrace life and all its challenges and to breathe in the most beautiful view from the top of the highest mountain.

The conversation I am having with myself today is this:

Out with the old and make room for the new, this is a MUST for me, old everything is going, I have to make room for the new, it needs the space to thrive, it needs space to breathe and it needs me to create the space for it.  This new energy will bring an abundance of everything I’ve ever wanted and I know NOW is the time to make room for it.  I need to get out of my own way and just do it.  This is serious stuff, this is MY LIFE, there is no going back, there is only right now and the dreams that I hold in my heart.  I will make this change for myself, I will clear out ALL of the old and welcome the new with true love, open arms and a warm smile.


I sincerely challenge you today, to have a serious conversation with yourself:

What do you need to do?
What do you need to commit to?
What fears do you have to face that are holding you back?

Now is the time, this moment is all we have, DO IT FOR YOU, it’s your life GO GET IT!!

Wishing you a beautiful day today filled with committed action and inspiration that will live in your heart forever.  Lots of love, Clarabelle

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8 thoughts on “Have a serious chat with yourself!!

  1. Hi. Sooooo apt. Thank you for sharing – AND thank you for the CHALLENGE! It is truly how we grow – moving on we need to let go – and we are designed to be creatures of motion and energy and part of evolution. Thank you.


  2. Great thoughts here. We often know that to have new space we need to firstly cleanse ourselves of meaningless ‘stuff’. However, we forget to do that with the more important ways in life, such as relationships and careers.
    Hmm. Food for thought, food for thought.
    Great post.


    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes, we do need to cleanse ourselves first, I totally get what you’re saying. I am having a good ‘clear out’ out tomorrow, it is on my action plan and I am look forward to it and I know it will feel very liberating. Thank you for your comments, as always. Clarabelle


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