Every Day is a Learning Curve

In the midst of silence

Another Curve Ball

We must never think that we know it all, never, because just around the corner is always another lesson, yes indeed, here comes another curve ball – oh my where did that come from?

My day to day interaction with people is usually 100% good almost all of the time, mainly because I genuinely do love people and I have a lot of time for them.  Recently though, I feel I have slipped up, just a little bit, but it doesn’t matter I have still slipped up, but the good thing is I am fully of aware of it, almost instantly and that I feel is tremendous progress.  If I was unaware of it, then that indeed, I believe would be much more dangerous, especially with the job I am in, working with people every day.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have never thought I have known it all, never ever ever so I just want to reiterate that but I guess I have let emotions rule the roost and take over……never a good response that one.  I read a quote recently and it said “If you speak when you’re angry, you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret” – such wise words and so very true indeed.

So I guess I am owning up to not getting it right all of the time, I guess I really am human after all hahahahahahah.  These types of life lessons you cannot learn in a classroom or on a training course, these are the true lessons from life itself – the experiences from the experience of life.

So as I have let my conscience loose into this world i.e. this Blog, it leaves me with a sober thought of, “things can only get better” for indeed I have learned from this and I am getting better.  I will continue to develop on this journey of life to reach my Best Ever Self.….some how though, I feel this is a never ending journey – not in a bad way, I believe in such a good way, always learning, always giving and always loving.

So I will leave you with my final thoughts on this one:

“When a curve ball comes hurling towards you, be prepared to miss the ball but catch the lifetime lesson.”

Thank you for reading this post, this one felt a bit like self therapy (actually all my posts do), so thanks for being here.

Love Clarabelle

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