True Happiness on Golden Sands

happiness on golden sands

What is the perfect home environment for you? You may already be there but if you’re not, maybe it’s time to get thinking about it. 

I See Myself

I have been thinking about the perfect environment for me going forward in my life.  As much as I really do LOVE the vibrant energy of the city, I now feel that I don’t want that all the time. Lately, I have had this strong inner desire to live in a beach house by the sea. I see myself, waking up there every morning, heading out onto my sea view balcony and being mesmerised by the golden sandy beaches kissing the edge of the clear blue ocean. This is where I will continue to write creatively and meaningfully everyday, my heart and soul is beautifully refreshed by the breath of the sea breeze flowing through my body.

This one thought, this one vision is the beginning of its manifestation……and this next poem is inspired by just that.

Happiness on Golden Sands

The clearest water,
the purest mind.
A giving heart,
so true and kind.

Beware of the bumps,
upon the city road.
Sometimes their light
sometimes a load.

The eyes see the colours,
the soul feels the beat.
Sweet memories last forever,
and new people you will meet.

The clouds float above,
Drifting to far lands.
My beautiful beach house view,
True happiness on golden sands.

Created by Clarabelle, 21 October 2013

11 thoughts on “True Happiness on Golden Sands

    1. Thanks Aviral, that is so lovely to hear, yes I do see you now living in that house on the beach with your beautiful family, I see you. Thank you for commenting, have a lovely day. Clarabelle 🙂


      1. And while am enjoying my day at beach, I hear bell ring and as I open my door I see you smiling and your present fills whole environment with love and fragrance…. Your poem does the icing on the cake… 🙂
        Its so beautiful, isnt it? I am smiling Clarabelle.. 🙂


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