Let Life In

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude will always shine through, enjoying each new day will provide you with the inner fuel to keep your passion alive.  Break out, set your mind free, let your heart smile and share the positivity.  This next poem is for you, have a truly wonderful day.  

Let Life In

Celebrate each brand new day

Let life in and lead the way

Embrace the moment, take a chance

Go for it, smile and dance

For happy are the enthusiastic ones

Their passion shines through, hearts beating like drums

Listen to the sound, it’s made from you

The orchestra plays, to whatever you do

Sing out loud, take the challenge on

Live in the moment, before it’s gone

poemsbyclarabelle, 2 May 2012

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7 thoughts on “Let Life In

  1. Embrace life in all its beauty today
    as only once we may well pass this way

    rejoice in everything you say and do
    it is a stage and you have a special part to play too

    dont let the bullys or critics sway
    you from what you seek today

    take the challenge and follow it through
    you may be suprised when you acheive it too

    embrace each day and be positive
    you can do things like others do too


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